What does your name mean?

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my full name is Jeremiah Carroll
(no middle name)
Jeremiah is Hebrew and derived from Yirmeyahu meaning "Yahweh has uplifted" or exalted of the lord
Carroll is Gaelic and derived from ceabhaill
meaning warlike champion
thus Yahweh has uplifted a warlike champion
or a warlike champion exalted of the lord

upon reflection my name , i feel, has defintely sculpted my life
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    Fri, March 4, 2005 - 2:16 PM

    I must you feel that because you were named what you were named that you have become who you are i.e. has your name made you the individual you are?

    Do you think that if you were named something different that you, in turn would be different?

    Or has your name just sculpted your life because it is something that you want to think of in this sense, when really you would be who you are regardless of label?

    simply curiosoties
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      Mon, March 14, 2005 - 8:20 PM
      My name is Mirical. Pronounced Miracle and that's what it means. It's my birth name and I gave it up for one year in grade 5 to see what it was like to be a kid with a normal name and went by my middle name, Ashley.

      I was more quickly accepted both by my peers and teachers. At the same time it was harder to get attention.

      When I went to juniour high school people who knew me as Ashley and Mirical went to the same school and all got very confusing. Some kids refused to call me by my first name again. Others didn't believe it was my first name.

      I get really excited meeting people with names less traveled by because I feel we share a comman past of the trials and tribulations which go along with having such a name. Several good throws into the garbage can in grade 3 etc. Ketchup baptismal is a start to a good initiation lol.
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        Tue, May 24, 2005 - 2:06 AM
        Devin Andrew Zahn.
        i think my name fits and shapes me to some level 'cuz from an early age i knew my mother had put a lot of thought and intention into choosing my name. it started with giving me the same initials as my father so i would have a subtle paternal resonation beyond my last name [in my father's family the 1st son gets dad's first name as middle name aka dad= douglas alfred; bro=derek douglas]

        poet, sage, savant, defender and possibly even "black sheep" [celtic/gaelic]
        masculine, strong [?]
        tooth, fang [german] {i have always had a strange affinity with wolves and vampires}
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    Thu, June 9, 2005 - 6:17 AM
    Khrysso Heart LeFey

    Khrysso is a derivative of the Greek word for "gold." I didn't consciously choose the name for that reason--I discovered it after I contrived the spelling. I was named Christopher at birth and was Chris all my life. The O got added when I was in college and the nickname evolved into something that represented me well. I chose the alternate spelling for dramatic effect.

    Heart is to remind me that I do well to relate to the world from my heart rather than my head.

    LeFey is a corruption of LeFay, as in Morgaine LeFay. "Fee" in French means "fairy" and is feminine. ("Fe" in French means faith.) Since I am a boy fairy, I chose the masculine article. provides this explanation, and all of it is relevant to why I chose the name "LeFey":

    Word History: The history of the words fey and fay illustrates a rather fey coincidence.

    Our word fay, “fairy, elf,” the descendant of Middle English faie, “a person or place possessed of magical properties,” and first recorded around 1390, goes back to Old French fae, “fairy,” the same word that has given us fairy.

    Fae in turn comes from Vulgar Latin Fta, “the goddess of fate,” from Latin ftum, “fate.” If fay goes back to fate, so does fey in a manner of speaking, for its Old English ancestor fge meant “fated to die.”

    The sense we are more familiar with, “magical or fairylike in quality,” seems to have arisen partly because of the resemblance in sound between fay and fey.

    My identity over the past 10 years since I contrived the spelling of Khrysso has been inextricable from the evolution of my name.
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      Thu, June 9, 2005 - 6:19 AM
      The quotation that I posted in that explanation ends with the phrase, "the resemblance in sound between fay and fey." Only the last sentence is my commentary.
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        Mon, July 11, 2005 - 11:42 PM
        Artemis is a greek goddess, a huntress and protectress of wild animals, also protectress of women in childbirth, she is godess of the moon in the sense that she is twin sister to Apollo, god of the sun. She was always very independant and strong woman. Her fame was subdued as societies switched to a more patriarcal framework, in which women were not supposed to be free, independant, strong, etc. She was originally associated with the thirteenth moon in the lunar calendar.

        I took this name at 16, when some friends told me it came to them that this was my true name, they weren't sure exactly why but said I would probably figure it out over time. I surely have.

        I beleive that our names can put thoughts and energies out into the world, and create awarenesses in the people who use them. I was origianlly named Lisa and didn't like being named "Elisabeth", or any british royalty for that matter.

        The thing about Artemis is its a hard name to have, its difficult (like me!). Its difficult to pronounce and difficult for many to remember. I often get funny looks when I introduce myself, it's amazing how many folx think its ok to give rude comments about your name! Sometimes I want to change it again, but everyone knows me as this, and it being a very rare name, I'm not usually confused with anyone else.

        Another reason its dificult is that I really think I have taken on certain Artemis characteristics. . . When Artemis was young, her father, Zeus, asked her what he could give her as a gift. She was his illegitemate daughter and so could not give her what his legitimate children would have. She told him that she wanted to always run free in the woods with her nymphs and to never, ever marry. She was granted her wish. It is a lovely life to alway run free, but alas, many days I think I will never marry either. Some days I'm more ok with this than others. The question is, would I change if I changed my name?
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      Sun, July 25, 2010 - 4:22 PM
      I was named after two uncles at birth. At age 19 or 20 I was told that one of these had, as a young man, been a member of the Ku Klux Klan. That made my blood run cold and I DID NOT want to be named after such a person. Since I had become Catholic at age 16 and had taken Christopher as my saint's name, I legally changed it to that. Much later, when I discovered that I was a Pagan, I legally changed it to Merlin. I did not want a name that denoted belief in a religion that I not only do not believe in, but as a gay man do not like. I named myself after Merlin in the Arthurian legends. It's now unknown as to whether it was a man's name or a title that was passed down. I do know that it fits me, and several people have told me so. And yes, I do believe in magic - it's simply working with the energies that surround us all the time.
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    Sun, October 2, 2005 - 11:22 PM
    Wendy has different meanings. One of them is wanderer, which I think fits. It is my philosophy that in wandering we can find more than if we know our path.
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    Wed, February 1, 2006 - 7:19 AM
    my name daughters names are:kaylee electra & destiny nicole(first & middle names) and my granddaughters name is:samara rose(first and middle name).I have no clue what any of these names mean but:electra:greek;shining brightly,destiny(?) means ones fate and or fortune(I had her when I was 36),does anybody know what any of the other names mean?
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      Mon, June 23, 2008 - 3:05 PM
      Kerra is my given birth name. i was named after some Irish actress in the 70's. in irish it

      means dusky; dark-haired. in Persian it means light. Russian like the sun.

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